What will you do if my tenant becomes in arrears?

Due to our rigorous screening process, which includes comprehensive credit and reference checking, tenant checks with Tenancy Services, and up-to-date landlord feedback and reviews, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

We monitor all rental payments daily so if a rent payment does not appear in our Trust account as expected we act immediately to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Our expectations regarding on-time rent payments are clearly discussed with your new tenant before they move in; we underline the fact that this is a legal obligation of theirs under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Do you take a bond?

Yes. The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 requires that no more than four weeks bond be collected. We consider two weeks to be the minimum that should be paid. The bond is paid before the tenant takes possession and is held by Tenancy Services until the tenant vacates.

What kind of insurance do I need?

It is in your interests to ensure you have adequate insurance to cover such things as vacancy periods due to urgent remedial work, deliberate damage by others, public liability etc.

How will you find me tenants?

Our process with new tenants begins with you. We will make arrangements to view the property with you, to agree on its current condition and advise on any maintenance required pre-tenancy.

We will agree on a plan to advertise the property including arranging open homes and listing your property on Trademe, and our social media.

We will work with you to create a preferred tenant profile. Once a new tenant has been agreed upon, we will make sure all tenancy forms are completed correctly, arrange handover dates for key collection and to carry out the move-in inspection with the tenant.

What if I have existing tenants?

If you’re not satisfied with the level of service you’re receiving from your current Property Manager, switching to Firsthand is simple. We simply supply the forms for you to sign and we do the rest.

When taking over a property with an existing tenancy we will undertake an initial property inspection to compare and agree on the property condition at the start of our management contract.

We’ll then arrange to meet with your existing tenants to begin a relationship with them, provide updated contact information and address any existing concerns for you and your tenants.

How will you market my property?

We’ll showcase your property in the following ways:

  • create an online listing for your property

  • write attractive and creative copy, highlighting the features of your property

  • use quality photography to capture the quality features of inside and outside of the property

  • we can also forward your property listing information to your friends and family as a way of connecting to a new tenant via trusted and already established networks

What happens if I want to sell my property?

This can be a very delicate situation and it is extremely important that it’s handled professionally and efficiently. It is our job to ensure that the interests of both you and your tenants are protected.

Tenants must be notified in writing that the property is going to be listed for sale. Once the property is sold, if the term of the existing tenancy is periodic and the sale is subject to vacant possession, we issue the tenant with 42 days notice to vacate once the sale becomes unconditional.

If the term of the tenancy is a fixed term then the property must be sold subject to existing tenancies unless the expiry date of the fixed term coincides with or falls before settlement date.

If you have a question that is not answered above please contact us.